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  • Reasons Why I love you - For Boy
    1. I love u for your smile
    2. I love u for your kindness
    3. I love u for your willingness to try
    4. I love u for your big dark eyes and those broad shoulders
    5. I love u for your family and how they like me
    6. I love u for your safety (at least kind of safe)
    7. I love u for your music choice
    8. I love how you're different from other guys (in a good way)
    9. I love how u always want to win no matter "what" we play
    10. I love u for your looks
    11. I love u for your faults that u think u have
    12. I love u for trying to have a relationship with God
    13. But most of all I love u because u love me

  • A fun to be with, Fearless and CLUELESS girl Veryy Very kiddish at times.. But definitely a girl with guts....
    She can make a stranger feel quite at home anywhere, anytime....
    The speed and voice(or noise) with which she speaks her local language is unbearable (Specially when you dont understand what is being said)
    She potrays herself to be tom boyish but very lady like by heart. Does what she wants to do and speaks what she feels like. She is what she is, there is no hidden face beneath her "I Dare To..." nature. Does not hesitate to say things on the face of the other person, friend or foe. She is a friend of friends and does not pretend friendship with someone whom she does not want to befriend. All together, A fun to be with, Fearless and CLUELESS girl (Hmmm or Lady??? NAHHHH!!!!)

  • Confused Soul and always excited Confused Soul!!!.... Not at all... She is alwayz just confused of only one thing ..(u know it..)
    She is a always excited ofcourse abt every damn thing...
    Very plane at heart..
    A good listener tooo.. If she is bsides u, u don need 2 worry abt 'nething..literally 'nething.. she has a solution 4 every problem u have..
    She can make 'neone and everyone feel comfortable wid her..gets along wid ppl very soon..
    U know wat neels.. I always feel that 'am lucky to b ur friend...
    Where were u all dese days???

  • He is Perfect Blend of Talent & Good Looks i hv been knowin ds guy frm d past 2 yrs,n i mus say hes da perfect blend of talent n gud luks....a vry calm but doesn’t know when nd how to speak n alwayz a patient listener.Wn sum1 needs a true opinion abt ne damn thng in ds wrld,he is d way 2 go.(psst… better get a 2nd opinion s well)he he Emotion ka sagar!!!!!
    Though he alwayz makes me to sit on "chane ka jhad" but alwayz says wt he feels inside frm his heart......Dealin to bhai inse sikho
    He knows hw to get thngs done in a perfect manner.
    Above all hes alwayz dere wneva i need him n nvr turns away, i mus say ne1 cn depend on him at ne tym of da day.Evry1 hv ups n downs in their life but d problems nvr lasts fr long if v hv such special frnds lk him.
    N ya apart frm all ds hes an amazing dancer.Well......wt else do i say abt him,he cn be described in infinite wayz
    I jz wanna thnk u fr being my FRIEND......T

  • My Class mate, One of the true 'Never Say Die' lady, terror of our class One of the true 'Never Say Die' lady I ever knew personally. I really cherish the courage she showed to toil for a vocation switch and made it to one of the premiere B-Schools in India, while we all went up to cash-in whatever ‘acquired reflex’ we got in the tech field.

    My most early memories of her goes back to the early days of our Graduation, when she used to be the terror of our class, weaning away all notorious students of the class who dared to comment, gossip, or triffle with her. She was like “Wadia ki Nadia” – straight from DAV !!
    I regret for missing much of her company as we had a totally different friend circles in the class, still I still remember the fun we all had in the last sem.

    The best thing one would like in her is her ‘Dude’ attitude – ‘care free’, ‘confident’ and ‘fight for’ all a dangerous mix to have at once.

    It was great meet her again this year after 4 years,in one oh our classmate’s wedding. Its great to have the opportunity to write her very first testimonial.


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