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  • I love her like Crazy. - Best Love

    I am writing this testimonial for her but i don't think it will succeed in capturing the essence of what we both share.

    We started out as friends cos we hated the same thing, and now it has evolved into something so precious and cherished that i can't even put it into words.

    She my best friend, my confidante, someone who knows me inside out (and must be really shocked since i got so expressive) I love her so much. She understands my un-uttered words so damn supportive and loving. Just a smile on her face & I forget all the tensions of life (Mind you I aint saying this for the sake of it, but I really really mean it) I sometimes wonder of how my life would be devoid of my baby. I love her like Crazy!!!

    She has purity of a child, always being so chirpy and kiddish but sensible and the worldly wise wisdom of a young woman.

    Very attached to her friends and everyone she cares about, and very very human.

    I thank God that he has sent a 'personal' angel for me from the heavens.

    Truly Madly Deeply Yours,


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